SE-MARK (calcein solution)

SE-MARK (calcein solution)

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SE-MARK (calcein solution)


SE-MARK (calcein solution) is a marking agent for the mass marking of fish.  SE-MARK is manufactured at Syndel's Ferndale, WA facility under strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as well as Good Laboratory Practices (GLP).

SE-MARK (calcein solution) is used to mark fin rays, scales, otoliths, and other calcified fish tissues through the use of immersion baths.  Marks left on these tissues remain invisible to the naked eye and can only be viewed with the use of a special SE-MARK detector (sold seperately).  Some photographs of SE-MARK (calcein solution) marks can be seen above under "more images".  Information on SE-MARK can be found on the Product Downloads tab.

If the intended application is to mark food fish, or fish for release, then SE-MARK must be used according to the FDA's guidelines for Investigational New Animal Drug Application (INAD) # 10-987.  More information including INAD application forms, study protocols, study summaries, etc. can be obtained from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service's office of Aquatic Animal Drug Approval Partnership Program (AADAP).  The AADAP office has streamlined the INAD process and the staff there are very helpful.  If you are interested in using SE-MARK (calcein solution) to mass mark fish, please contact the AADAP office.

SE-MARK (calcein solution) is available exclusively through Western Chemical.

SE-MARK / Calcein Detection Equipment is sold separately by Nightsea.  There are several different types of detection set ups available depending on your needs.  Please click the link below to view Nightsea's SE-Mark / Calcein detection equipment options.

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