35% Perox-Aid

35% PEROX-AID® is available in 55 Gallon Drums and 5 Gallon Carboys.

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35% Perox-Aid


35% PEROX-AID® is a 35% Aquaculture grade hydrogen peroxide product that received FDA approval for use in aquaculture in January 2007 (NADA 141-255).  35% PEROX-AID® is available in 55 Gallon Drums and 5 Gallon Carboys.

35% PEROX-AID® is intended for use as an external microbicide for the control of mortality in freshwater-reared finfish eggs due to saprolegniasis, in freshwater-reared salmonids due to bacterial gill disease (associated with Flavobacterium branchiophilum), and in freshwater-reared coolwater finfish and channel catfish due to external columnaris disease (associated with Flavobacterium columnare [Flexibacter columnaris]).  Additional options for using 35% PEROX-AID® to treat other diseases or species, may be available under FDA INAD # 11-669.  More information on this FDA INAD can be obtained from the USFWS Service AADAP office.

35% PEROX-AID® is classified as a hazardous material and it must be shipped and handled according to DOT Hazardous Material regulations.  It is not sold on-line.  Please call Syndel for pricing and delivered pricing quotes for 35% PEROX-AID®.  New users are encouraged to seek advice from a fish health professional prior to using this product.  Refer to the product label for directions, as well as limitations and cautions for all applications.


The American Fisheries Society - Fish Culture Section's Working Group on Aquaculture Drugs, Chemicals, and Biologics (WGADCB) has published a Guide to Using Drugs, Biologics and Other Chemicals in Aquaculture.  WGADCB have also developed a Treatment Calculator to assist in the dosage calculations of certain products.

The Guide is provided as an Adobe PDF file and the Treatment Calculator is offered as a Microsoft Excel 2007 file.  Your computer must have installed either Microsoft Excel or any other program that will read and execute calculations of an Excel file.

The Guide and Treatment Calculator can be found by clicking the link below

Guide to Using Drugs, Biologics and Other Chemicals in Aquaculture

*Treatment Calculator (Excel 97-2003)

*Treatment Calculator (Excel 2010)

*While the calculator has been checked for accuracy and can be a useful tool to aid in calculating treatment dosages, the end user is responsible for correctly applying any regulated compound in aquaculture