Aquacalm™ is used for the sedation and anesthesia of ornamental finfish.
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Syndel's Aquacalm™ has been granted Indexed status by the FDA for the sedation and anesthesia of ornamental finfish (MIF 900-002).  Aquacalm™ is not for use in fish intended for human or animal consumption. 

Fish sedation may be necessary in situations such as strip spawning for hatchery rearing, transporting fish, photographing fish, or removal of fish from exhibition tanks prior to cleaning.  Anesthesia may be necessary in situations where detailed fish examination or minor surgical procedures are to be conducted. Each gram of Aquacalm™ powder contains 1 gram of metomidate hydrochloride. Aquacalm™ acts on the central nervous system to induce sedation or anesthesia in fish immersed in water containing the drug.

Aquacalm™ has been tested on representative ornamental finfish species, but has not been tested on all fish species.  The effect of Aquacalm™ may vary between (and within) species, depending upon age and physical condition of fish, and under different water conditions.  Always test the dosage on a small group of fish first to make sure no unintended or adverse effects occur.  Please view the Aquacalm™ Package Insert on the product download tab for more information.

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