Virkon / Virkon Aquatic Test Strips

Virkon / Virkon Aquatic Test Strips. 60 Test Strips per Container

VIRKON Aquatic Test Strips 60 CT


Virkon® Test Strips are used to measure the concentration of prepared Virkon-S and Virkon® Aquatic solutions.  They can be used to verify the solution strength in footbaths and on surfaces being disinfected. 

Directions for use of Virkon® Test Strips are as follows:

1.  Dip the strip into the solution for 1 - 2 seconds.

2.  Remove and gently allow excess solution to run off.

3.  Read by comparing the activated strip to the color chart that is located on the container.

Full color formation on the test strip takes only a couple of seconds after removing the strip from the solution and results can be read within 10 seconds.