Ovadine (PVP Iodine)

Ovadine (PVP Iodine) - Fish Egg Disinfectant
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Ovadine (PVP Iodine) - 1 Gal
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Ovadine (PVP Iodine)


OVADINE® is also available in 55 Gallon Drums.  For 55 Gallon Drum pricing, please contact Syndel at (800) 283-5292 or info@syndel.com.


OVADINE® (PVP Iodine) is a buffered 1% Iodine solution (Iodophor) specifically formulated for use in disinfecting fish eggs.  It contains a 10% Povidone-Iodine (PVP Iodine) complex, which provides 1% available iodine. 

OVADINE® (PVP Iodine) is manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP).  It is a US FDA Low Regulatory Priority (LRP) for use as a disinfectant for fish eggs, including salmon and trout eggs.  It is widely used as a fish egg disinfectant to reduce the transmission of diseases between generations of fish.  OVADINE® (PVP Iodine) fish egg disinfectant is an important part of a complete Biosecurity program.

Syndel has updated the OVADINE® product label to include a convenient dose mixing chart.  A summary of this label is available at - OVADINE Directions for Use

Directions for use:

  • During fish egg water hardening: Use available Iodine (OVADINE contains 1% available Iodine) at 50 parts per million (ppm) for 30 minutes.  Dilute 1 part OVADINE® (PVP Iodine) to 200 parts potable water.
  • After fish egg water hardening: Use available Iodine (OVADINE® contains 1% available Iodine) at 100 parts per million (ppm) for 10 minutes.  Dilute 1 part OVADINE® (PVP Iodine) to 100 parts potable water. 


Some Fish and Wildlife agencies have their own guidelines for Iodophor disinfection of fish eggs with OVADINE®, which may use slightly different concentrations and/or exposure times.  The following links describe some of these recommendations. 

US Fish & Wildlife Service - Document on Iodophor Disinfection of Fish Eggs

Michigan Department of Natural Resources


If you are unfamiliar with fish egg disinfection, we recommend consulting a fish health professional.