Disinfecting Foot Mats - Rubber

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High Wall Rubber Disinfecting Foot Mat
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Disinfecting Foot Mats - Rubber


A crucial part of any Biosecurity Program is the effective disinfection of footwear prior to entering a controlled area.  Disinfection Mats are an important biosecurity tool and are ideal for use in fish hatcheries, food processing facilities, veterinary facilities, zoos, animal shelters, agricultural farms and laboratories.

The High Wall Rubber Disinfection Mat is made of heavy-duty, chlorine resistant black rubber and incorporates rubber fingers on the base to help scrub the soles of footwear while the surrounding solution sanitizes them.  This unique double-action helps keep contamination from reaching critical areas.  ­

The High Wall Mat is designed for use in areas where the footwear disinfection application requires deeper foot immersion compared to the fabric mats.  There are other lower cost rubber mats available however, these are normally not chlorine resistant and they will not hold up over time like our rubber mats. 

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