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Syndel USA is a privately held company located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest near Ferndale, Washington USA.  This is where we have our corporate offices, quality control laboratories, and FDA inspected manufacturing plant.

For over 35 years, we have been in the forefront of developing and marketing FDA and EPA approved fish culture products, biosecurity supplies, and spawning agents for distribution worldwide.  In Canada, our products are distributed by our sister company Syndel Canada.

Some of our most successful products include Tricaine-S (TMS, MS-222), which is an FDA approved fish anesthetic and Ovadine (PVP Iodine), which is a buffered fish egg disinfectant.  We are the world's largest producer of MS-222, which is marketed in the USA under the brand name Tricaine, in Canada under the brand name TMS and in Norway under the brand name Finquel.  Both our MS-222 and Ovadine are manufactured at our Ferndale plant.  We are also North America's leading supplier of FDA approved formalin (brand name Parasite-S) and 35% Hydrogen peroxide (brand name 35% Perox-Aid), which are used to treat eggs and fish for fungi and external parasites.  

Syndel USA also distributes fish culture products for other companies including Virkon Aquatic (from DuPont).  Private labeling and custom manufacturing services are also available.

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